[EventCalendar] events as separate still show in post calendar and list

Jeff Dodson jeff at singularmarketing.com
Mon Dec 29 03:40:13 UTC 2008

Thank you Gerik,


I do in fact have the "Show events as blog entries" set to KEEP EVENTS
SEPARATE and there is no "Show all categories in calendar" in 3.2 where you
describe, but in the widget, there is the option and it is set to SHOW ONLY
EVENTS.  Neither is working correctly.  Events are showing up in widget
lists of recent posts and they are showing up in my post calendar.  If I
click on a date with an event in the calendar, in the upcoming events list
which I have below the calendar, the event is first listed as a post for
that day, and then it is listed as an upcoming event.


Jeff Dodson


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#1 check your options.

make sure you have "Show events as blog entries: is KEEP EVENTS SEPARATE" &
" Show all categories in calendar: SHOW ONLY EVENTS"

#2nd part 

There was mention about putting    "?ec3_listing=events&cat=3" (where 3
equals the subcategory) but I notice that "?ec3_listing=events" doesn't do

this ?ec3_listing=events&cat=3 gives me the same result as ?cat=3


Gerik G
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On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 1:34 PM, Jeff Dodson <jeff at singularmarketing.com>

Great plugin!


Perhaps my understanding is incorrect, but I thought if I set up the event
calendar to have events separate from posts that the events would not show
up in post lists (like widgets) or post calendars?  Currently my events in
my test situation are showing up in post lists and calendars.


Also, regarding sub-categories, if I have a category called events where all
events are posted to, can I have a subcategory of events (like community,
entertainment, whatever) that I can assign as events in event calendar and
also exclude from post items and inherit all other event category


Thank you!


Jeff Dodson

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