[EventCalendar] Month Navigation Not Working

Jeff Dodson jeff at singularmarketing.com
Mon Dec 29 16:15:03 UTC 2008

Thanks Damon,

I went through the process of deactivating all plugins other than EC and
discovered that the ajax calendar I am using seems to not play nicely with
EC (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ajax-calendar/ ).  But the thing is,
I am using the ajax calendar on a WP 2.6.5 site and EC 3.1.4 quite

Is there anything I can do to try to get these to play nice across the
board?  Is there an alternative to the ajax calendar?  Can EC display events
in one calendar and blog posts in another?  That would be a great solution,
could just drop the ajax calendar.  I know, probably wishful thinking.


Jeff Dodson
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On 12/29/08, Jeff Dodson <jeff at singularmarketing.com> wrote:
> I am testing EC3 on a few sites to get a feel for its ease of use and it
> working on some sites completely and not working a little on some sites.
> All are configured similarly, using the same professional theme
> and are at various stages of WP development.  I have a WP 2.6.5 working
> 3.1.4 just fine.  I had a WP 2.6.5 with 3.1.4 where the month navigation
> not working at all, click to move forward or backwards does not change the
> calendar view.  I added an event into the next month to see if that was
> matter.  Made no difference.  So I upgraded that site to WP 2.7 to see if
> that helped, it did not.

Is your site running any other plugins?  Have you tried disabling them
first ?  Often, javascript problems are caused by nefarious other
plugins that don't "play nice" ...

> Upgrading to EC 3.2 dev2 is not an option as I noticed on a test site the
> problem with the month not displaying the correct month name as reported
> here as one of a couple known bugs.

Yea, that just was pointed out ... we'll have to look into that soon.

> With the various levels of working, I am not sure how to research this.  I
> am happy to give developers complete access to my site privately if that
> would help to research this or if you have some ideas for me, like some
> likely conflicts considering what I am experiencing.

If you see this problem with default theme and no other plugins
installed, then something is fishy with EC3 ... in all likelihood,
something isn't playing well with the plugin ...


> Thank you,
> Jeff Dodson
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