[EventCalendar] little calendar, big calendar?

CVC webmaster cvc at cvcbike.org
Mon Dec 29 19:12:24 UTC 2008

On 12/29/08 10:42 AM, Alex Tingle wrote:
> Rick Boatright wrote:
>> I don't know how to say this then, but there's something "odd" about your
>> installation, because no one EVER has reported any problem with dates and
>> inclusiveness in 3.1.x
>> Something's weird in your database, and I don't know what.
>> I hope Alex shows up, he may have an idea.
> I think it's just that the default is different in 3.2.dev-02. By default the
> big calendar works like the sidebar calendar - it shows events *and* posts.
> If you want to change that you set show_only_events=1. There's a checkbox for
> that on the sidebar widget control panel, but for the big calendar you have to
>  set it in the placeholder:
> [EC3BigCalendar:show_only_events=1]

Yes, that resolved the event display issue for me. Thanks!

> That's obviously caused loads of confusion, so now I'm torn. Should we change
> the default so that the big calendar behaves as you expected? Or should we
> keep it the way it is so the big calendar is consistent with the sidebar calendar?
> I'm leaning towards changing the default.

That would be more intuitive in my opinion.

I still have one outstanding issue with 3.2dev2: It displays the title
of "January 2009" atop the December 2008 calendar both in the sidebar
and in the big calendar. At least one other post mentioned this as well.
How to remedy?

thanks again!



big cal:

user admin, pass website09

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