[EventCalendar] possible bug in 3.2 dev

CVC webmaster cvc at cvcbike.org
Mon Dec 29 19:36:51 UTC 2008

On 12/29/08 11:22 AM, Alex Tingle wrote:
> CVC webmaster wrote:
>> On 12/28/08 6:35 PM, David Garlitz wrote:
>>> Sorry if this has been brought up before and I missed the thread, but I
>>> seem to have discovered a bug in the 3.2dev version :
>>> here's the URL : http://test.davidgarlitz.com/calendar
>>> When the page loads, both big and small calendars show the days of the
>>> current month, but with the title of the next month (i.e. the 31 days,
>>> including the correct events, of december, but with the heading "January").
>>> Not only that, but the navigation seems to be a bit off as well - the
>>> names of the months are correct as is the current month is december, but
>>> they link to months as if the current month is january.
>>> Once I click a navigation link, though, everything outputs normally -
>>> this problem only occurs when the page loads and the calendar(s) are
>>> displayed for the first time.
>>> Any ideas?
>> No, but this is one of two issues I'm seeing with 3.2. The other is in
>> the "little calendar, big calendar" thread.
> I think you are both using an old version. (Sorry, I haven't done a release
> for a while - trying to fix that now).
> Use the latest dev version:
>  http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/event-calendar.zip
> Let me know if that fixes it.

Yes, that did the trick. Many thanks!

I still need to mess with the Upcoming Events widget in the sidebar --
the left margin is too far left -- but that should be an easy fix.

Thanks again to all for your help in getting EC3 set up.


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