[EventCalendar] ec3.css

Matt Herrebout funtent at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 17:29:24 UTC 2008

> There were some people who enthusiastically offered to re-skin the  
> calendar a few weeks ago. What happened to them?

Alex, I was one of them.

Here's my css for big cal http://mattherrebout.com/downloads/ 
ec3.css.zip as seen here http://www.nwmusicblog.com/calendar/

I'll be happy to provide support for it. I don't think it affects the  
small calendar at all, and frankly my changes aren't that extensive  
from the stock css. It's essentially a "grey" theme for big cal.

I *believe* the css file version I modified is 3.1.4, however the  
README in the plugin folder says "Stable tag: 3.1.2".

If the css file has changed since 3.1.2 let me know and I'll apply my  
changes to the new file.

Users: css elements you see in the calendar may be a result of a  
combination of css stylesheets that are loaded on that page, so when  
you apply my ec3.css the big cal may not look exactly like my page. If  
that's the case, reply to this thread and I'll help.

Rick: +1 on Firebug. Everyone: if you're not using Firebug, simply  
put, you're wasting time.

Matt Herrebout
funtent at gmail.com

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