[EventCalendar] How do you delete an event?

Charles Anthony charlesanthony at ottawalivemusic.com
Wed Dec 31 00:41:51 UTC 2008

How do you delete an event?   or convert it into a post?
What is the difference between "ec3_event" and "ec3_post" for the purposes
of this calendar?

My gut instinct tells me that I must be missing something obvious but I do
not know.  I apologize ahead of time if my questions sound absurd but I
think a bit of background may clarify.

Basically, I want everything on my calendar to refer to posts.  Having
them all as posts seems fine for my purposes.  However, I seem to have
accidentally made a listing appear as an event.  I want to change it to a
post but I can not see how I can do that.

I deleted the post.  However, the link to the previous "ec3_event"
remained on my calendar but pointed to nothing and yielded a 404 page.  I
would have liked to been able to delete that listing on the calendar but I
do not see how.

So, I re-created a new post with the same hyperlink as the deleted one
being sure NOT to enter anything in the Event Editor section however that
made no difference.  I still have it appearing as an "ec3_event" in the

The post in question is the only one listed under January 1st, 2009 here:

Is the above to be expected or am I doing something wrong?

Charles Anthony

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