[EventCalendar] automating multiple entries

CVC webmaster cvc at cvcbike.org
Wed Dec 31 16:55:12 UTC 2008

On 12/31/08 8:46 AM, Alex Tingle wrote:
> On 31 Dec 2008, at 16:14, CVC webmaster wrote:
>>> What's to automate?
>> This is a problem of scale. If I have five events, I don't care about
>> manually typing them in. If I have 500 (non-recurring) events, I care a
>> lot about having to type them in.
>> Mr. Google isn't much help with "Wordpress bulk entry" or "Wordpress
>> automation" -- any suggestions for handling this gratefully accepted.
> In what format do you have your 500 non-recurring events?


> Can you think of an application that does let you manage/import many
> events in a way that would solve your problem? Google Calendar? MS Outlook?

Yes. With Outlook, there are ways to do things programmatically with
(shudder) VB. While I have not tried multiple calendar entries, I have
used its API to automate login and bulk email creation (in a test lab,
not for spam!). Google also has APIs but I have not used these.

Again, I'm new to WP and EC3. Both store everythiing in a MySQL
database, yes? If I hack up a perl script that adds entries into the
database I *think* that would work, provided my entries are
syntactically correct.

But, lazy coder that I am, I'm asking if someone else already has done
this. One of the best pieces of programming advice I ever got was
"whenever something seems like a standard problem, first see if someone
else has already solved it..."



> -Alex
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