[EventCalendar] automating multiple entries

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Wed Dec 31 17:23:07 UTC 2008

On 31 Dec 2008, at 16:55, CVC webmaster wrote:
>> Can you think of an application that does let you manage/import many
>> events in a way that would solve your problem? Google Calendar? MS  
>> Outlook?
> Yes. With Outlook, there are ways to do things programmatically with
> (shudder) VB. While I have not tried multiple calendar entries, I have
> used its API to automate login and bulk email creation (in a test lab,
> not for spam!). Google also has APIs but I have not used these.
> Again, I'm new to WP and EC3. Both store everythiing in a MySQL
> database, yes? If I hack up a perl script that adds entries into the
> database I *think* that would work, provided my entries are
> syntactically correct.

That's a dangerous course. The WP database schema is always changing -  
your code would swiftly get outdated. Best to work from inside WP.

> But, lazy coder that I am, I'm asking if someone else already has done
> this. One of the best pieces of programming advice I ever got was
> "whenever something seems like a standard problem, first see if  
> someone
> else has already solved it..."

Yes, I completely agree with you. No, I don't think anything like this  
exists ATM for event calendar (or wordpress).

I think the best way to solve your problem would be to make it  
possible for EC to import .ics format files. Then you could prepare  
all of your events in Outlook/Google/whatever and just import them  
into EC.

I'm on the verge of adding a (PHP) API to EC, so that other WP plug- 
ins can create and manipulate EC events. I think that's as far as I'd  
want to go inside EC - then a bolt-on could be written to import  
events from whatever source.

There is a good iCalendar (.ics) parser already written in PHP, that  
would serve as an excellent basis for an .ics importer. Do you fancy  
having a go at it? If so, I'll get the EC API done ASAP for you.


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