[EventCalendar] automating multiple entries

CVC webmaster cvc at cvcbike.org
Wed Dec 31 17:47:20 UTC 2008

On 12/31/08 9:17 AM, Rick Boatright wrote:

> There are two places to start : 
> http://www.zackpreble.com/2008/03/28/importing-posts-from-csv-file-into-wordpress/
> you'll have to take his csv.php file, and ADD the code to append records
> onto the  EC3 table as well as the wp posts table, but his code and
> technique is a really good place to start, since he has a complete csv
> importer written that runs off the IMPORT tab of the admin interface of
> wordpress.
> OR there is a csv importer plugin which would be a decent place to start
> from as well
> http://www.jayblogger.com/the-birth-of-my-first-plugin-import-csv/
> both of these are open source, the php is unencrypted and pretty easy to
> read.
> Does that help? 

Yes, thanks. I'll look into both of these. But I also take Alex's point
that screwing with WP databases can be dangerous. Going forward, I agree
that it would be "cleanest" to treat both WP and EC3 as atomic, and talk
with them only through their own API(s).


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