[EventCalendar] Version 3.2.beta1

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Wed Dec 31 19:47:23 UTC 2008

Damon Timm wrote:

>> We've had a lot of people obviously not understand what the old option did, so
>> I've reworded it to be clearer. I realise that invalidates lots of
>> translations, but I really think it's worth it. What's your opinion?
> I say go for changes and put out the word for translation fixes!  (And
> let's change the widget to "Events List" while we are at it - wink.)

What does everyone else think. "Upcoming Events" or "Event List" widget?

>> What else would you like to see before a release?
> I don't know if this needs to come before a release ... maybe a 3.2.1
> or a 3.3 thing ... but I would like to see a way for someone using a
> widget to be able to customize the layout of the "Events List" ... one
> can do this when you insert the function directly in the theme, but I
> like the idea of folks (msyelf, included) being able to get as much
> customization out of the plugin without actually having to code
> anything ... for the widget calendar, I think, you added some nice
> clickable options ... would be neat if those options could be widget
> configurable.

OK, I think that should be quite easy now. I suggest we keep it to a list of
canned templates. What should they be?


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