[EventCalendar] BigCal options in 3.2.beta1 not working

Charles Anthony charlesanthony at ottawalivemusic.com
Wed Dec 31 22:32:37 UTC 2008

I can not get the options to work in the Big Calendar.

> o Big Calendars (ta da!)
> Embed a big calendar in a page by adding a tag like [EC3BigCalendar].
> You can specify options like this: [EC3BigCalendar:opt=val&opt=val]

When I include more than one option setting, for instance:

I get the Big Calendar displayed but it is empty and directly below it I get
displayed below the calendar.
You can see how that appears here:  http://ottawalivemusicscene.com/ for
the time being.

The only way that I can get the Big Calendar to display in a working
manner is by using only this:
It will display the links to the posts and the navigation on top.

However, if I include any combination of the other options (whether I
change the default values or not) the links disappear.  The calendar is

The only exception is when I use this:
The calendar is still blank but the navigation is on the bottom -- which
should not be the case if "1" is the value.  I can not get the navigation
on the bottom by including it like this:

I am not sure whether this represents a bug or whether it is a problem
with the something on my end.  If somebody has the Big Calendar behaving
properly with the latest 3.2.beta1 I would be interested in seeing a link
to it.

Charles Anthony

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