[EventCalendar] Done but with page errors IE6/7

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Tue Feb 5 00:48:05 UTC 2008

2.3.2 is the latest WP:


You should install something like FireBug:


It will tell you more about it on Firefox, or get Developer Toolbar  
for IE:


On Feb 4, 2008, at 7:36 PM, Wibbles wrote:

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> Hi, I have searched the archives and found a few references to this  
> issue - is there any resolution available?
> The EC displays fine in all browsers but both IE6 and 7 report 'done  
> but with errors on page' - info that is given is:
> Line 20
> Char 79
> Unterminated string constant
> I have disabled all other plugins but as soon as I enable the EC (it  
> does it when I enable just the EC not the widget) the errors return.
> Runing WP 2.3.1 (latest ver) and I believ I am running the latest EC  
> version as well.
> Website is: http://shoalhavenheads.net.au
> Many thanks in advance
> Andy
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