[EventCalendar] Done but with page errors IE6/7

Dr. Peter Troxler peter.troxler at gmx.net
Tue Feb 5 12:45:13 UTC 2008


it's funny you've got this "/' issue and I don't

you should also check the other js stuff that's happening on your  
page which in theory could cause the errors

and in my opinion the developers have a good attitude to monitor this  
list & chip in if we users don't really get it

/ pt

On 5-feb-2008, at 13:28, Wibbles wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> To quote your response to my question -
> 'look at this line in your code
> ec3.myfiles="http://shoalhavenheads.net.au/wp-content/plugins/
> eventcalendar3';
> methinks funny termination with single quote instead of double --
> which should not be an issue, but you (or at least myself) never  
> know.'
> Sure, you may well be right - but it isn't my code -
> if you did a view page source you may well have seen this,
> but it has been 'made' by the plugin surely?
> Does the plugin author ever answer questions about
> his code or does it get left to users to debug?
> I mean, even a simple 'thats odd I'll look into it' would do...
> Thanks for answering though,
> Much appreciated!
> Andy
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