[EventCalendar] Using EventCalendar solely for an events list

Dan Sumption dan at sumption.org
Mon Feb 11 14:52:06 UTC 2008

I would like to create a blog solely to list events. The blog is mainly 
to be used as a script I will read on my radio show, but will also be 
available as a public resource for anyone who wants to visit.

I have tried using EventCalendar, and it seems close to what I want... 
but not quite close enough. There are a couple of problems:

    1: ec3_get_events() doesn't seem to include any way of getting the
    event details - just the title, link, time and author. I would need
    these plus the end time and description.

2: The display order, whether in event mode or blog mode, isn't quite 
what I need. I want events to appear in the order in which they occur, 
i.e. if an event starts in the past but has not yet ended, then it would 
appear at the top of the list (along with any other events occurring or 
starting today), followed by future events in order of their start date.

Is it possible to do this using EventCalendar? Or are there any other WP 
plugins which provide this sort of functionality?

Dan Sumption

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