[EventCalendar] Search Breakage

Tony Thompson tonytmail at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 18:51:36 UTC 2008

Like this plug-in so much I committed a rare act of
generosity and PayPaled a small expression of

WordPress 2.3.2
Theme: Cutline 3-column 1.2
Event Calendar: 3.1.0

But when activated (with widget) two things seem to
misfire: The category I created for the Event posts
returns no results when opened, and the blog search
widget breaks in that all search requests return
'Sorry, no results...'

Deactivating the two Event Calendar plugins fixes both
issues: I can then see all the Event Calendar posts in
the category, and the search works normally...

Searched the archives back some six months and did not
see a message title referring to this issue..

Many thanks in advance for any assist...

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