[EventCalendar] How can I custom the feed ouput?

Jose Manuel Zea jmzeag at yahoo.es
Fri Feb 15 18:01:11 UTC 2008



I´ve set the option the Show events as blog entries to Keep Events Separate,
because I need to show the posts in date order. 


I´ve checked that the url for feeds in the way
http://blog.address/feeds/?ec3_days=7 doesn´t use the date to order. So I´m
using as feed http://blog.address/wp-rss.php?ec3_days=7.


But I want to custom the output of the feed in a similar way that this
plugin does:
ess-plugin> Custom Fields For Feeds: WordPress Plugin , what it does is to
add a filter to the content, in the way:
add_filter('the_content',’custom_fields_for_feeds); and adds the text it´s
needed to the output. But when I use wp-rss.php it is not working, so it is
not working with events feeds neither.


Can anyone show me a way to custom the output of the feeds?


Thank you in advance.





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