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Wed Feb 27 13:33:40 UTC 2008

<table> tags don't fail XHTML Strict. I use them all the time. Just as  
a matter of principle, I don't like to use them for page layout if I  
can help it, but they are perfectly valid elements.

The sites I write pass XHTML 1.1/Strict, and WAI-AAA. This includes  
the use of EC.

The summary is a good idea, though.

On Feb 27, 2008, at 8:11 AM, Clive Loseby wrote:

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> Hello there, do you think you could provide an option to enable  
> users to mark up the event calendar table by adding a summary? Just  
> the ability to have a text field which would then be put into the  
> generated code would be brilliant.
> I ask because we are having constant battles getting our sites to  
> pass Accessibility validation and it is often the plugins we use  
> that fail. I understand the, by having a table marked up, you  
> immediately fail Strict XHTML validation but we would rather pass  
> Accessibility tests over XHTML ones.
> Do you think this would be possible, please? We would be very happy  
> to contribute towards the costs of the work involved…
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