[EventCalendar] WP 2.5.1 Big Calendar

Mary Canady mcanady at comprendiagroup.com
Thu Jul 24 09:20:53 UTC 2008

It has been difficult to figure out how to get the Big Calendar to work on
WP 2.5.1, or if this is even possible. Is there a way other than sourceforge
that we can get up to date? Sourceforge is confusing-there is a "diff" file
there, but I don't know if these changes have been incorporated into any of
the patches that I've found in various other places, and I'm having to rely
on the dates of peoples' posts to figure out what is going on, and I'm still
confused. The full downloads on sourceforge are from late last year. Here's
what I've done so far to try to get the big calendar working on 2.5.1:


1.       Downloaded Patch 5 

2.       Upgraded to php5 

3.       Messed around with the ec3.css file a bit so that the big calendar
table displays well (a kludge, but I can't figure out how to get it to
work-didn't change all that much, and changed things back and still had

4.       I tried downloading the patches here
and they didn't work-the text on the next and previous month completely


Close, but not quite-the formatting is ruined when I go to the next or
previous month (it actually may be "ruined" for the current month, I just
can't tell b/c all of the days have entries):




I think that there are a number of us who are really struggling to make
eventcalendar work, b/c the alternatives are not good, and I think this
plugin could be really big ! (bigger ;)





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