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marting at webklan.com marting at webklan.com
Sun Jul 27 22:08:29 UTC 2008

 Hello Gabriel, thanks for the answer.
 Not exactly, what I wanted to see is all event scheduled only for
day 27 (or the clicked day) passing "q" var I get all events with the
date 27 and later if I have and event scheduled for 28 or 29 I get it
too. Is there some way to achieve this ?
 On Fri 25/07/08 23:38 , "Gabriel H. Mercado" ghmercado at gmail.com
 is this what you wanted to see? 
 On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 10:31 AM,   wrote: 
 > Hey guys, this is my fist post around here. First, I want to
thanks for this 
 > great and useful plugin. 
 > Second, I will ask some of your help. 
 > I have the following problem, when I add a post as event with a
future date 
 > when I click in the day link of the calendar the link send me to a
 > looking for all entries with posting date equal to that date, and
no post is 
 > found. 
 > For example, today is 25 and I posted a new event published today
but with 
 > date for 27. If I click on the day of the calendar marked with an
event for 
 > day 27 it sends me to this link 
 > http://www.educacionbiz.com/?m=20080727&cat=3 
 > This is like ask all the posts added to wordpress the day 27 (two
days in 
 > the future) so there is nothing found, and I get a "not found
 > I am making some mistake in my posting or eventcalendar
configuration or 
 > this is a bug ? 
 > I am using eventcalendar 3.1.1 and Wordpress 2.6. 
 > Cheers. 
 > Martin. 
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