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marting at webklan.com marting at webklan.com
Sun Jul 27 22:35:59 UTC 2008

 Yes, that is my problem.
 On Mon 28/07/08 00:14 , Andy Kieffer akieffer at gmail.com sent:
 I'm having, I think, the same problem.  By clicking the date, I'd
like to see all of the EVENTs scheduled for that day NOT all of the
events that were PUBLISHED that day.  Is this a correct description of
your issue.  If so, we're in the same boat.
 On Jul 27, 2008, at 5:08 PM,  marting at webklan.com [1] wrote:
  Hello Gabriel, thanks for the answer.
  Not exactly, what I wanted to see is all event scheduled only for
day 27 (or the clicked day) passing "q" var I get all events with the
date 27 and later if I have and event scheduled for 28 or 29 I get it
too. Is there some way to achieve this ?
   On Fri 25/07/08 23:38 , "Gabriel H. Mercado" ghmercado at gmail.com
[2] sent:
  is this what you wanted to see? 
  On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 10:31 AM,  < marting at webklan.com [3]>
  > Hey guys, this is my fist post around here. First, I want to
thanks for this 
  > great and useful plugin. 
  > Second, I will ask some of your help. 
  > I have the following problem, when I add a post as event with a
future date 
  > when I click in the day link of the calendar the link send me to
a page  
  > looking for all entries with posting date equal to that date, and
no post is 
  > found. 
  > For example, today is 25 and I posted a new event published today
but with 
  > date for 27. If I click on the day of the calendar marked with an
event for 
  > day 27 it sends me to this link 
  > http://www.educacionbiz.com/?m=20080727&cat=3 
  > This is like ask all the posts added to wordpress the day 27 (two
days in 
  > the future) so there is nothing found, and I get a "not found
   > I am making some mistake in my posting or eventcalendar
configuration or 
  > this is a bug ? 
  > I am using eventcalendar 3.1.1 and Wordpress 2.6. 
  > Cheers. 
  > Martin. 
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