[EventCalendar] Categories and Sorting by Advanced Queries

Liam Sarsfield liams.email at gmail.com
Sun May 4 01:53:03 UTC 2008

Hey there guys,

Great to see the way the community responded to the new update -- great
little group we got here.

I'm looking for some tips, and a little help. I am trying to sort my
categories by date of event, with the most recent at the top, going down the
page. Additionally, I want it to show 100 of these events per category page
(instead of 10 or whatever it is). I was going to do this by attempting to
edit the function that is called when you clicked a link to include
?ec3_days=99999 and then somehow figure out how to list more than posts per
page. Now, unfortunately, for some reason when I called the ?ec3_days
function it lists the farthest away event, moving down towards the most
recent (so the most recent is often a few pages way back).

My questions and guiding topics:
 - My ?ec3_days seems to be showing the furthest away date, and then in a
descending order, so the most recent is buried beneath the rest, how can I
fix this?
 - Has anyone attempted to create categories of their events, that are
listed in order, by date? If so, how did you manage it? Any tips?
 - Has anyone managed to extend the amount of posts per page in the event of
something like ?ec3_days to show 100 posts per page? If so, how did you
manage it? Any tips?

Any help is much appreciated,

Liam Sarsfield
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