[EventCalendar] please help, problem eventcalendar311rc3 showing past events

A de Vos dutchfoxy at hotmail.com
Sat May 10 12:32:58 UTC 2008

Hello there,
I hope many people are still on this list? I have googled around looking for a solution but did not find any. So this list is my last option.
The site with the problem is: (dutch)
On the right side you see the upcoming events (translated=Komende gebeurtenissen).
The problem is that today (10th of may) it is still showing the 3rd and 4th of may. These are in the past! 
I have also tried with another setting where events are NOT normal messages so the events are not shown on the homepage. Then when I go to the events category (Evenementen) then also the 3rd en 4th of may are shown on the top of the category. So it is not a widget problem.
Eventcalendar311rc3 somehow thinks today is the 3rd of may!? Why? Wordpress itself has today as being the 10th of may.
What could it be? Help would be greatly appreciated!!  :)
Arne de Vos
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