[EventCalendar] please help, problem eventcalendar311rc3 showing past events

A de Vos dutchfoxy at hotmail.com
Sat May 10 19:57:33 UTC 2008

Thanks for the reply. But there is nothing that even looks like wp-cache in my Weblog. Too bad, would have been an easy fix.
So no one else has these problems at the moment? So the PHP-code of this plugin is not in error!? I need to look for the solution elsewhere? 
But why does the plugin think that the 3rd of May is in the future?
Or is it because I use dutch time/date notation?
Thanks people for the help!

> Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 16:17:40 +0300> From: ralf.strandell at gmail.com> To: eventcalendar at firetree.net> Subject: Re: [EventCalendar] please help, problem eventcalendar311rc3 showing past events> > Have you ever used wp-cache? I have, and disabled the cache plugin> WITHOUT emptying cache first. -> similar problems. I had to enable,> empty cache, disable. Also check browser cache. Short answer, sorry,> writing mail on mobile phone :(> > 2008/5/10, A de Vos <dutchfoxy at hotmail.com>:> > I forgot to mention:> >> > I use Wordpress 2.1.3.... so it is (not yet) a 2.5 issue.> >> > Thanks!> >> > Arne> >> > _________________________________________________________________> > Jouw nieuws en entertainment, vind je op MSN.nl!> > http://nl.msn.com/> > _______________________________________________> Blog: http://wpcal.firetree.net/> EventCalendar at firetree.net mailing list> Unsubscribe: http://penguin.firetree.net/eventcalendar
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