[EventCalendar] please help, problem eventcalendar311rc3 showing past events

A de Vos dutchfoxy at hotmail.com
Sun May 11 11:03:03 UTC 2008

... hello list-members! My apologies, I found the reason for the error.
2 items, eg. 3rd en 4th of may (which I thought were in the past) had been inserted by me as follows:
* 1st item: 2008  3rd may 10.00 hours until 3rd of may 17.00 hours ... BUT!!! until 2009!!!! I had not noticed the extra year
* 2nd item: 2008 3rd may until 11th of may 2008
Pretty dumb of me  :)
Because of this I will post a new question related to showing the from AND until date/time in de sidebar widget.
Thanks for the help list-members!
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