[EventCalendar] Widget formatting?

Unwork Studio studio at unwork.co.uk
Mon May 12 11:27:04 UTC 2008


Firstly, great plugin - exactly what I was looking for.

However, I'm struggling to make a small adjustment to the way the  
'upcoming event' widget displays the events ...

What I am trying to achieve is already documented on your site;
Example 1. No special headers:
<li>Events <?php
    '5',                               // limit
    '%DATE%: <a href="%LINK%">%TITLE%</a>', // template_event
    ''                                      // template_day
2 January: First event.
5 January: Second event.

I can achieve this by pasting the code directly into my  
dynamic_sidebar.php (I am using widgets) but cannot find where I can  
edit the actual widget to achieve the same effect? I've even tried  
pasting the code into a text widget but this does not seem to work (no  

I'm not a coder so I have to fiddle around in a trial and error kind  
of way to see if things work or not but I'm struggling with something  
that seems so simple ... can anyone help?


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