[EventCalendar] Month links do not work properly

claire circuit clairecircuit at gmail.com
Tue May 20 15:08:33 UTC 2008

I have a couple of problems with monthly listings in EC.

Here is my site: http://www.copsandrobbers.net

If I click the current month, I get a list of all events in the month,
except that there are too many for one page, so I get a confusing
'Older entries'/'Newer entries' links which make no sense in the
context of a calendar.
I've installed the Custom Query String plugin to get around this, but
is there a better way?

When I select the forward or back arrows to view a different month,
and then click the month name to view everything in that month, I get
a list of half of May and some of June. This seems to happen for all
months, and happens when the CQS plugin is disabled, too. You can see
this for yourself on the site.
Any ideas?


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