[EventCalendar] Events show also like posts in calendar

Damjan Gerli damjan at damjan.net
Wed May 21 17:51:44 UTC 2008

Hi to all!
I have updated WordPress to 2.5.1 and apply the patch for wp2.5 and now EventCalendar work. The only thing that don't work like I want is the events that is shown as events and as normal post with post date in the sidebar calendar. I try to change the term_id in the SQL database for my event category from 7 to -7 like readed somewhere, but nothing change. Is someone here that can help with a patch or with something else. My blog is here http://www.grmada.org/blog/ and for eg. I have added an event "prova".

Thankyou for any help
Damjan G.

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> Zadeva: [EventCalendar] Events show also like posts in calendar
> Hi to all. I have wp2.3.3 and ec3_3.1.1._rc3 here. Today I found that 
> the events that I enter is shown in the ec_calendar (in the 
> sidebar) not 
> only like events but also like normal post (on the post 
> date). But only 
> in the ec_calendar. The events are not shown in the normal 
> posts window.
> I don't know if this behavior came up when I upgrade from wp2.3.2 to 
> 2.3.3, but some time ago it work ok...
> What is wrong here?
> regards
> damjang
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