[EventCalendar] RE: Any chance this will become a "real" plugin?

Mary Canady mcanady at comprendiagroup.com
Wed Oct 8 01:01:33 UTC 2008

Hi Rick!


Thanks for your reply. The problem comes with the "upcoming events" links in
the sidebar. They should link to each event, but I've Gerry-rigged it to
just land on the calendar page because they were both linking to the same
random post. I see in your example you don't list upcoming events-if you
have time could you try it and see?







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I have to admit to being a bit confused.  

The sdbn.org calendar seems to work fine.  What's wrong with it? 

I just finished installing Derek'  patched version of EC3 into a new
installation of wp 2.6 and it APPEARS to work fine for me 


unles there's something I'm missing out on. 

I did have to change 3 occurances of &$VAR   to $VAR in Derek's code to get
it to run, but once I did, it seemed "all good" 

The bigcalendar page is running with a custom template that has 

<? ec_get_calendar(,1) ?>  and by golly,  Viola, big calendar.  

The sidebar widget works...  and the event catagory works and ages properly.

I'm not sure what you're saying is wrong.  Can you help me a little. 

I too _wish_ someone would pick up or fork EC3 --  the problem is, of
course, that forking is _SO_ unpleasent.  If Mr Tingle came out of somewhere
and said "That's it, who wants the keys to the Sourceforge code"  We could
put a committee together.  

It's VERY annoying that EC3 isn't on the wordpress.org site and that most of
the folks there are going to various google-calendar systems.  The
disadvantage of that is substantial since it moves away from "everything is
a post."  :-) 

SO.......   please help me understand a little better what's wrong with your
sdbn.org site, and I'll try to help. 


On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 6:59 PM, Mary Canady <mcanady at comprendiagroup.com>



I have been using Event Calendar for a few years now. A few months ago I
made a string of postings, trying to get the Big Calendar to work. I finally
got it to work on one installation (link in my signature) and now I'm
struggling with the installation on this site (permalinks in sidebar won't
work-they all link to the same random post, and I've changed them to just
link to the calendar page out of desperation):




If anyone knows a solution, please help. I updated from WP 2.5 to 2.6.1,
that should be the only change. I am using the WP 2.5 patch with the Big
Calendar patch, kindly provided by Derek Ricciardi:





The problem comes because earlier I fixed my problem with an older version
of WP, and I can't tell from the mailing list whether there is a patch for
going from 2.5 to 2.6.1-I also find Sourceforge very confusing. Is there any
chance this will become a true plugin, i.e., one that is listed on Wordpress
with a history and all the necessary information to maintain and use it
reliably? No offense but this mailing list is for the birds-almost
impossible to find things. I am fairly sure Alex Tingle has given up on this
plugin-is there anyone else who wants to take the initiative to start
supporting it? Currently, my company is on a shoestring, but I would be
willing to go "in" on an initial investment via paypal for a functioning
plugin-I'd be willing to put $100 in. If others will, too, please chime in!
I've used other event calendar plugins that don't have as much
functionality, and prefer this one, but it sure is a pain!


Thanks! Keep in mind that although you may have Gerry-rigged this plugin to
work on your site today, it's likely it will not work after wordpress is


J Mary



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