[EventCalendar] Re: Request

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Wed Oct 8 15:10:07 UTC 2008

Hi Rick,

I use it myself, so I too am keen to see it better supported!

Obviously I've not got much time for EC, but there's not point forking  
it - a fork would imply that there are two separate dev branches! I'd  
like to remain in touch with the project, but if you (or whoever) are  
keen to put more effort into it, then great!

Long ago, I registered a login on the WordPress plugin SVN, but I've  
never uploaded the code. Why don't I upload it there, and give check- 
in/admin rights to whoever is interested.



On 8 Oct 2008, at 15:52, Rick Boatright wrote:

> Alex,
> The community of EC3 users is considering forking your wonderful EC3  
> project
> to open the development blog and sourceforge svn up to a larger  
> community of
> developers.
> Since you haven't posted to the EC3 blog for a year, the mailing list
> community and the users on the Wordpress forums are viewing the  
> plugin as
> abandoned.
> While I know we don't need your PERMISSION to fork a GNU GPL licensed
> project,  it seems polite to contact you at this point and at-a- 
> minimum
> request a post to the blog pointing to the fork for newer versions.
> Thanks for your attention
> Rick Boatright

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