Michael Blaha webteam at nbnetwork.org
Wed Oct 8 17:29:11 UTC 2008

Hi All,
I'm glad to see that EC3 is not abandoned!
If you go to the current web site it certainly looks like it is.
I wasn't sure about using it for our new site, until I joined the list.

I'm happy to see the new wave of ideas... Makes a lot of sense.
Perhaps, if everyone checks in their patches, create an up-to-date web  
re-direct old links,  and add a fancy icon ;), then it could be called  

Not much of a programmer, but if web design is needed count me in.

p.s. We are creating a new site using EC3, in combination with Geo- 

>> Since you haven't posted to the EC3 blog for a year, the mailing list
>> community and the users on the Wordpress forums are viewing the  
>> plugin as
>> abandoned.

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