[EventCalendar] Debugging rc4 - appearance issue

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Thu Oct 9 18:39:44 UTC 2008

You can do one heck of a lot with CSS.


That's a completely vanilla WP install, with only "correct" extension  
(using plugins and themes). It has been updated since WP2.1, at about  
ten minutes per update.

Notice that I did a slight mod to the EC3 inline styles, so that I  
don't get validation failures (I sequestered the MS filter: behind  
conditional comments).

The site has only one validation failure, and that is the extra  
attribute that is added to the calendar for the big cal. Otherwise, it  
is green bars all over.

I need to get the newest EC3 in there, but it will take some tweaking,  
and my plate's rather full at the moment.

catchall account

On Oct 9, 2008, at 2:30 PM, Alex Tingle wrote:

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> Rick Boatright wrote:
>> I'm going to talk to you about this rather than just _doing_ it...  
>> since
>> we're going back and forth so much today...
>> one patch I pretty much ALWAYS do to insert a break between the  
>> get_schedule
>> call and the post_content because it just looks weird having the  
>> sched to
>> the left of the content.
>> (see any event at http://www.oaregion4.org)
> I don't like your suggestion. What's wrong with just adding:
>  table.ec3_schedule { clear:both }
> ...to the CSS?
> If you insert a break, then you take away the option of having it  
> any other
> way. The way it is, you give people the choice.
> That said, it's frustrating how few people seem to realise that they  
> change the CSS. It would really help if we documented all of the EC  
> classes
> and IDs (with examples), to give users inspiration.
> -Alex
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