[EventCalendar] Re: ec3_get_past_events()

Dr. Peter Troxler peter.troxler at gmx.net
Fri Oct 10 05:53:17 UTC 2008

On 9 okt 2008, at 22:06, Damon Timm wrote:
> Thanks Darrel for the link - basically it does the opposite for  
> "ec3_get_events()" in that it gets PAST events rather than future  
> ones (and starts by listing the most recent).  ... a smarter way  
> would be to create a different function that could take an argument  
> (like "past" or "future") and then have ec3_get_events() and  
> ec3_get_past_events() call that respectively ... less bloat.

I *think* I did this some while ago:
>> if $limit is preceded by a - sign, it is assumed that we want to  
>> show past events, if not (or a + sign) we're showing future events.

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