[EventCalendar] New experimental "Event Loop" code.

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sat Oct 11 00:23:04 UTC 2008

Now that we've got the stable release out of the way, I've checked-in my new
code. I've had it floating around for months - today I've polished it up,
corrected it, and written some documentation.

I've added new, much more flexible template functions. Allows events to be
accessed in their own 'loop', either all events sorted by date, or all events
within a post. Look at the new implementations of ec3_get_events() and
ec3_get_schedule() for examples of how to use the new functionality. **Highly

Here are two examples of how you might use it:

     // All future events in date order.
     // Posts with multiple events will appear multiple times.
     //   [E.g. Used to implement ec3_get_events()]


     // First a normal loop over the current query's posts.
       // Now a nested loop, over the events in each post.
       //   [E.g. Used to implement ec3_get_schedule()]

Wherever you see '...', then you can use normal WP template functions, like
the_title() etc, and also the new EC functions, summarised below:

  /** Get a human-readable 'time since' the current event. */
  function ec3_get_since()

  /** Get the start time of the current event. */
  function ec3_get_start_time($d='')

  /** Get the end time of the current event. */
  function ec3_get_end_time($d='')

  /** Get the start month of the current event. */
  function ec3_get_start_month($d='F Y')

  /** Get the end month of the current event. */
  function ec3_get_end_month($d='F Y')

  /** Get the start date of the current event. */
  function ec3_get_start_date($d='')

  /** Get the end date of the current event. */
  function ec3_get_end_date($d='')

  function ec3_get_time($d='')  { return ec3_get_start_time( $d); }
  function ec3_get_month($d='') { return ec3_get_start_month($d); }
  function ec3_get_date($d='')  { return ec3_get_start_date( $d); }

  /** Get the current version of the EC3 plug-in. */
  function ec3_get_version()

The new implementation of ec3_get_events() has a couple of extra tricks. For
example, set $limit to a negative number to list past events - I know that's
been a popular request.

I *think* that this link takes you to the development version:


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