[EventCalendar] EC3 install wiping out my sidebar

Rick Boatright rboatright at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 02:56:06 UTC 2008

when I look at the firefox error console when running your homepage  I  get
multiple occurances of

"unknown property: filter"

the first occurs on this html

<style type='text/css' media='screen'>
@import url(http://scopedin.com/radiosilverbar/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/event-calendar/ec3.css);
.ec3_ec {

so,  I gotta ask you.  Where is "filter" coming from (it isn't EC3's) and
what is DXImageTransform and why is it messing with background image
references in an imported CSS style. ???

Let me put that another way,  what OTHER plugins are you running??????


On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 9:12 PM, <silverbar at pacbell.net> wrote:

> Hi, all
> I'm brand new to this facility, so the chance of this being cockpit error
> is quite high. I installed EC3 today and activated it through the admin
> panel. It shows up fine, but...none of the other stuff that was in my
> sidebar is there anymore.
> I experimented with a couple of different themes, with the same results.
> Again, it only happens when I add the widget to the current widgets list.
> When I remove it from that list, I get my sidebar back.
> Any suggestions? Here's my site:
> www.scopedin.com/radiosilverbar/
> I'm not too invested in this style (yet) so if there's some incompatibility
> between the theme and EC3, I can look for a new theme, but I'd like to
> determine this sooner than later.
> Thanks for any help.
> mz
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