[EventCalendar] Slovenian translation and help for an old error

Damjan Gerli damjan at damjan.net
Sat Oct 11 12:46:07 UTC 2008

Hi to all!

I have translated EC3 3.1.1 to slovenian (sl_SI). The translation is available here:
http://www.damjan.net/wordpress-sl/ec3_3.1.1_sl1.zip (to be included in the EC3)

I have found a little bug (only for tlanslation) and have changed the line 571 in admin.php
from: _e('Update Options')
to:   _e('Update Options','ec3')

Then I have another question I have also asked some times ago in another email here:

also in this new final version ec3 3.1.1/wp2.6.2 I have (in the sidebar calendar) event shown like events and like normal post. Look at www.grmada.org/blog/ the event posted at 11.10.2008 and timed for 14.10.2008 @ 18.00. What I can do to repair this problem and have only the event showed? My setting is "Show All Posts" and that event have only one category (the event)

Thank You
Damjan G.  

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