[EventCalendar] Event Editor not saving date

Rick Boatright rboatright at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 15:57:54 UTC 2008

If you go into options, event calendar, which category is asigned as your
EVENTS category?

I ask this because you should not be ABLE to assign a post to the event
category OTHER than by adding a date and time with the (+) function...    In
a normal installation the chosen events category is grey'ed out.   Again,
this sounds like a WP-MU conflict.

When you hit the (+) it shows the dates, you click the ... and get the
javascript date picker, pick a future date, and then hit SAVE instead of
PUBLISH, does it clear out the EC date entries THEN?

I suspect that you're right and that the current version of EC3 isn't
picking up the tables in WP-MU...  which I've never run or seen honestly.

We will see what Alex has to say on the subject.


On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 8:51 AM, Lisa C. Boyd <lisab at lisaboyd.com> wrote:

> Ah yes, sorry about that. I didn't give too many details did I?
> I write a post and add it to the event category. Towards the bottom is the
> Event Editor. I can click on the plus sign which brings up the date/time
> fields. I select a date in the future and click on Publish. Once it saves
> the post, I can scroll back down to the Event Editor and there is nothing
> there -- like I never put a date in to begin with.
> I do not get any errors when saving the post. Here is a post that was
> created on October 4th but I put in an event date of October 18th:
> http://perthfoodbank.com/2008/10/04/the-night-before-christmas-fundraising-bash-shceduled-to-proceed-again-this-year/
> The other plugins that are activated are: cforms, NextGEN Gallery, Woopra,
> and WP Shopping Cart. I disabled all of these plugins but still have the
> problem.
> I deleted the previous EC folder (it did not work either) and installed the
> newest version. I did not change anything in the database though - could the
> tables need to be deleted from before?
> I believe it is the latest MU 2.6.2. Unfortunately WP did not put the
> version number at the bottom or anywhere else I can find to validate that.
> The person who installed it said it is the latest.
> I got database access. The ec3_schedule table does not have anything in it.
> Due to how WPMU deals with blogs/tables, the prefix on this table is
> rss_12_ec3_schedule. Would the plugin pick up the database prefix from the
> main blog settings?
> Thanks for your help!!
> Lisa B.
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