[EventCalendar] Event Editor not saving date

Lisa C. Boyd lisab at lisaboyd.com
Wed Oct 15 19:03:23 UTC 2008

Ok, here is where things get a little weird.

Yes it saved the title when I changed it but did not save the date.

In phpMyAdmin, I went into the ec3_schedule table and inserted a record 
for a test post I created (I looked up the post id). When I go back to 
the blog, it shows up correctly. I can then go in and edit that post and 
change the date, save it, and the date is updated to the new date and 


I thought maybe since I have one record in there to start with that 
maybe it would save the date on another post, but it does not.

So perhaps something is funky with an insert command? Any ideas on what 
code I can look at?

Thanks :)
Lisa B.

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