[EventCalendar] upgrade problems

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Thu Oct 16 22:29:05 UTC 2008

Hi Lisa,

Alex wrote:
>> I imagine that you upgraded your Wordpress first, and *then* when the new
>> auto-plugin-update thing suggested you upgrade EC, you did that too? I
>> can
>> imagine there may be a lot of people in that situation, so I'll try
>> and come
>> up with a solution for you.

Lisa Quatmann wrote:
> That's exactly what I did.
> EC always worked fine for me, so I didn't fix what wasn't broken. ;)


Can you move your plug-in over to the development version:

The go to the EC settings page and add &ec3_easteregg to the URL. It should
look something like this:


A magic hidden button will (hopefully) appear. Click it and you'll find a new
screen that allows you to selectively upgrade event posts from the old version
of Wordpress.

The new post date and event date are there for you to check. They are guessed
from the values you have in your database. Lot's of people complained that it
guessed wrong in some cases, so now you can just manually correct it. Uncheck
any posts that you want to leave unconverted.

Then click 'Upgrade Event Posts' at the bottom.

Let me know how you get on. What do you think?


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