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Rick Boatright rboatright at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 17:25:46 UTC 2008

There is a MAJOR  ---  utterly non-trivial problem here, and at the core it
is philosophical.

Remember that in EC3, calendar entries are WORD PERFECT POSTS.

So, when creating a recurring event, which of the following do you do?

1) Add multiple SCHEDULE items to a SINGLE POST            or
2) Add multiple POSTS to the blog?

1) has the disadvantage you cite below:  The schedule gets messy (to say the
least.  Consider a weekly meeting for a year.)

2) has the disadvantage of cluttering up the post database,making the system
mess with that, and being a pain to edit and etc.

To date, the ONLY option that has been considered by EC3 programmers is (1)
-- multiple schedule items for a post.

Making the schedule "Prettier" is a CSS problem, not a programming problem.

A number of people have considered, BUT NOT WRITTEN "mass schedule creators"
which would populate the schedule.

NOTE NOTE NOTE:   An "on the fly auto schedule figurer-outer which would not
MAKE multiple schedule entries but create them virtually on the fly while
browsing the calendar is probebly dead-out.

Even writing the multiple schedule mass creator is non-trivial.  It has to
be able to handle repeats:

   - Annually on the same date
   - Monthly on the same day of the month
   - weekly on the same day of the week
   - Monthly on the X-th   Y-Day of the month  (Ex: second tuesday )
   - Every X days
   - Every X days except weekends
   - Xth  Y-day of Month Z   (Ex:  Second Tuesday in November )

The first 3 aren't horrific, past that the programming becomes "difficult."

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 12:03 PM, LLoyd .. <onelovehali at yahoo.ca> wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how to create a recuring event? I would like to see a
> feature / check box that would allow me to check recuring event and select
> the prefered time and end date. This would be better instead of adding
> multiple times to one posting. Also when adding multiple dates to a post the
> show schedule menu becomes increasingly long.
> Under event options there is an option to "Show events as blog entries".
> How do I only show events on another page, instead of the main page?
> Thanks.
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