[EventCalendar] Additional Properties? Calendar View?

Simon Friedberger simon+wordpress at a-oben.org
Sun Oct 19 17:09:56 UTC 2008

Hi Damon!

> 1. Currently, Event Calendar doesn't have its *own* additional
> properties for an event -- however, you can use Wordpress's "Custom
> Fields" to create key/value pairs for any post.  The 3.2.dev branch of
> event calendar will even export a "location" key and "geo" key to
> iCal.  You would need to use your own template functions to retrieve
> this information in your theme (i.e., the get_post_meta() function).
> I use "custom fields" with my events ... you can see this example:
> http://www.rosaleeshow.com/2008/09/15/mishawaka-in/ (the custom fields
> are displayed in the upper-right red sidebar).

Ok, that looks GREAT! Did you document how you set that up somewhere?
I'm pretty new to meddling with wordpress and never used custom fields,
let alone in conjunction with ec.

> 2. You can format your theme with Event Calendar's template tags
> anyway you would like.  Visit:
> http://wpcal.firetree.net/template-functions/ to see which functions
> are available.  I use the category view to show my events in a table.
> For example: http://www.rosaleeshow.com/category/show-dates/ ... using
> the template functions you have a lot of flexibility.

Same here :)

> Hope this helps,
It does. A lot!
Thank you very much!


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