[EventCalendar] bigcalendar in 3.2dev

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Tue Oct 21 21:45:43 UTC 2008

Rick Boatright wrote:
> Ahhh,  that would be "no" -- or if you did, I didn't see it.
> But the idea of GENERIC xml is a good one.

Drat I meant to, sorry.

OK, here goes. Currently the sidebar calendar's XML looks like this...

<day id='DAY_ID' is_event='1' titles='TITLE 1, TITLE 2...'

The big cal patch just changes some of the attributes. In particular, it adds
a new attribute that just contains a blob of server-generated HTML. That's not
very extensible. Here's what I'm thinking...

<day id='DAY_ID' is_event='1' titles='TITLES...' link='http://my.date.link'>

   <post post_id='PID' title='TITLE' link='http://my.permalink'>

   <event post_id='PID' sched_id='SID' link='http://my.permalink' allday='0'>
      <start>START TIME</start>
      <end>END TIME</end>

   ...more posts and events


That's much more flexible, AND the old little cal code can still parse it fine.

It would be great if ec3.js could have a pluggable update_day() function. That
way the big cal code could just hook into it.


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