[EventCalendar] bigcalendar in 3.2dev

Rick Boatright rboatright at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 23:41:24 UTC 2008

I wasn't planning on modifying tonight, I was planning on READING.


As for team development -- check in early, check in often, and post a note
that trunk may well be broken.

The only alternative is to branch and then merge branches.

And with something this basic we -don't- want to be doing that.  I messed up
this morning not understanding what you were doing.

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 6:22 PM, Alex Tingle <alex at firetree.net> wrote:

> Rick Boatright wrote:
> > That is cool.  God knows I'm not a professional javascript programmer.
> >
> > Never-the-less, given that sort of xml, it certainly ought to be able to
> > trigger big or small calendars from the same xml feed, and just
> > differentiate in the JS with FAR fewer changes in the code.
> >
> > (Lots and lots and lots of class div's tho for css purposes....)
> >
> > I'll checkout a clean download of the 3.2dev tonight and try again.
> Woah there. It's not going to be ready tonight. I need sleep.
> I am making good progress though (after a frustrating few days). Would you
> rather I check in my changes sooner (at the risk of breaking the trunk)? Or
> is
> it better to keep them until they are a bit more robust?
> I'm inclined to check in sooner, since I see that other changes have
> already
> happened... then longer I leave it the more manual merging I'll have to do.
> -Alex
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