[EventCalendar] Fatal Error with Big Calendar

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Mon Oct 27 21:51:56 UTC 2008

>> Rick, I strongly recommend that you leave tags alone once you've  
>> made them.
>> Make a new tag, rather than changing the one that's there.

On 27 Oct 2008, at 21:26, Rick Boatright wrote:
> uh  ok.
> Sorry.

No worries.

> I'm sure there's a reason.   As I said, we use a _very_ different  
> version
> control system in my day to day life, and it simply doesn't _do_  
> tags and
> branches and trunk.
> I guess I ought to go read the nice - free, svn book.

A 'tag' means a snapshot - it's a name for a frozen moment in the  
tree's history. Some revision control systems explicitly support the  
concept: CVS has 'tags', MS's Source Safe has 'labels'.

Subversion doesn't explicitly support tags in code. Instead, it has a  
*convention* which is implemented purely at the human level: A  
directory called 'tags' is expected to contain copies of the tree that  
we don't intend to change.

(Similarly, a directory called 'branches' is expected to contain  
copies of the tree that we DO intend to change.)

There's always scope for bending these conventions. For example, if  
you remember something five minutes after you've tagged a release,  
it's probably OK to just dive in and change it. Once other people have  
started using your tag, then it's probably best to leave it and make  
another. If you flout the convention, you'll end up confusing people.


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