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Rick Boatright rboatright at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 03:00:14 UTC 2008

The problem is that EC3's model is that events are _posts in the blog_

So, no matter what you do, _this blog_ just doesn't know about _that blog_'s

Saddly the,  it's going to take custom code to get one blog to look at

[[[ Geek stuff follows -- skip to bottom for easier solution ]]]

There _is_ a workaround, but it's messy in several senses.

If you actually ment what you said,  if you really ACTUALLY just want the
Calendar and the event list to appear on the other blogs, and don't want the
blogs to be totally integrated, you could make up a page template on Blog1
which contained a calendar and an event list (just use the code that goes in
the sidebar) and then, in your sidebar template for blog2, wrap a call to
the blog1 page in an iframe.

This isn't _ELEGANT_  -- but it could be made to work.

The short answer is:  THat's not the way EC3 works.

[[[ Easier solution ]]]

You might be better off with a plugin that looks at an EXTERNAL calendar
(like a google calendar or other iCal source.

You might start here:

or here

or this one


or this one


(the later is probebly going to be more to your taste, since it includes a
sidebar widget. )

I wish that I had a better answer.


On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 9:41 PM, <andrea at rockyradar.com> wrote:

> I would like to include the same calendar on several blogs.  I have
> installed the plugin on my main blog (in the sidebar and as a page), but
> would also like the same calendar to appear in the sidebar of my other
> blogs.  These blogs are on the same site as my main blog just different
> folders (e.g. www.mysite.com/blog2).
> Is there a way to do this? If so what is the best way to implement it.  Is
> there a simple way to just call the SidebarEventsCalendar() function so that
> it knows to refer to another folder or do I have to install the plugin and
> then change path information?
> Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Andrea
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