[EventCalendar] error / spinner freezes when looking at upcoming months

Patrick McCullough pgm at pgmccullough.com
Tue Oct 28 21:17:06 UTC 2008

So I've put up the calendar on this page: http://nycscv.org/?page_id=19 It works great, except when trying to click ahead to upcoming months.  The events listed for November show up (Since you don't have to click forward to see them), but the events for July (Viewable here: http://nycscv.org/?m=20090722&cat=3 So I know they're there) don't.  As you can see, when you click forward, the java spinner just freezes.  So you can click through to later months, but events won't show up. To test, I've stripped down the page completely, nothing but the header and the calendar, and it still doesn't work.  Can you guess if there's something in my header that might cause this problem, or some bit of code I need to double check IS in my header? Thanks so much, this seems to be a great plugin if I can figure out how to not screw it up!

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