[EventCalendar] error / spinner freezes when looking at upcoming months

Patrick McCullough pgm at pgmccullough.com
Wed Oct 29 16:14:37 UTC 2008

Thanks so much for such quick responses!
I think you're probably correct about the advertisement the host forces onto the page being a likely culprit.  As I develop the site, I'm using a free host, but will move it upon completion, at which point the ad will be removed.  I trust for now that that will fix the problem.
> Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 21:59:06 +0000> From: alex at firetree.net> To: eventcalendar at firetree.net> Subject: Re: [EventCalendar] error / spinner freezes when looking at upcoming months> > > > So I've put up the calendar on this page: http://nycscv.org/?page_id=19 It> > works great, except when trying to click ahead to upcoming months. The> > events listed for November show up (Since you don't have to click forward> > to see them), but the events for July (Viewable here:> > http://nycscv.org/?m=20090722&cat=3 So I know they're there) don't. As you> > can see, when you click forward, the java spinner just freezes. So you can> > click through to later months, but events won't show up. To test, I've> > stripped down the page completely, nothing but the header and the calendar,> > and it still doesn't work. Can you guess if there's something in my header> > that might cause this problem, or some bit of code I need to double check> > IS in my header? Thanks so much, this seems to be a great plugin if I can> > figure out how to not screw it up!> > Phew. Paragraphs man!> > Your blog is not properly producing the XML data that the AJAX calendar is> calling home for.> > http://nycscv.org/?ec3_xml=2008_10 should yield some XML. Like this...> http://wpcal.firetree.net/?ec3_xml=2008_10> > Now, why is that not working?> > Let's look closer...> > http://nycscv.org/?ec3_xml=2008_10 gives this result:> > ----> > <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><calendar><month> id='ec3_2008_10'>> </month></calendar>> </object></layer></span></div></table></body></html><!-- adsok -->> <script language='javascript'> src='https://a12.alphagodaddy.com/hosting_ads/gd01.js'></script>> ----> > Firstly, there is a stray new line in there at the beginning... that'll break> it. That *might* be down to a bad plug-in or theme. PHP files *must* start> with <?php and end with ?> - there must be no stray new-lines.> > Secondly, there is a load of rubbish pasted at the end. Everything after> </calendar> has been added by your hosting provider. It looks like they are> editing your pages to insert advertising. That makes the XML invalid, so> that's probably enough to kill it too.> > Upgrade to a better ISP.> > -Alex> > -- > :: Let me solve your problems: http://www.firetree.net/consulting/> :: alex.tingle AT firetree.net +44-7901-552763> 
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