[EventCalendar] Big Calendar question.

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Wed Oct 29 22:54:11 UTC 2008

Rick Boatright wrote:
> I've been fussing with BigCal today some more.   I have a couple of
> questions for the group.
> First:
> As it stands,  Big Calendar honors the EC3 options control for "show posts
> on calendar."
> Should non-event POSTS be removed from the BIG calendar, but still show on
> the WIDGET calendar, or should Big Calendar be consistent with little
> calendar?

Needs to be user-selectable.

> Second:
> I have modified the 3.1.bigcal branch so that the big calendar IGNORES the
> "characters" setting on the option page and ALWAYS displays 3 letter
> day-names on the BIG calendar, and follows the option setting (usually one)
> on the little calendar.
> I am somewhat loath to add a new option to the option screen for setting
> that, but I can if you think we should?

The settings page has too many choices already. I want to move all of the
calendar display stuff into the widget-setting panel.

The logical place for 'big cal' settings is in 'advanced settings' on the
'write post' page. How to get them there?

Sounds like WordPress needs to be able to put widgets onto a page...

Oh, which reminds me - would it make sense to restrict big cals to pages. They
don;t make much sense on a post, do they?


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