[EventCalendar] Big calendar, multiple events, next month problem

Dan Williams danwill at berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 30 21:13:15 UTC 2008



First off, thanks to all of you involved in developing this plugin, and especially the big calendar.   It's exactly what I've been
looking for for a long time.


I noticed a weird little big calendar problem, and I briefly browsed the archives for an answer, but came up empty, so I apologize
if this issue has already been discussed.  The problem appears not on the current month big calendar, but only when you advance to
the next month(s), or go back to the previous month(s).


If you take a look here:




you'll see that multiple-event days look fine in the current month.  October 8, for example, has 4 events, and all of them are
formatted properly and match up correctly with their start and end times (or 'all day').  Oh, and the event title and start times
are separated with a " - " (space-dash-space).


However, if you use the Nov >> link to go to November, you'll see that for days with multiple events, like November 12, that:


1.       The first event displays on the second line of the day box, instead of the top line

2.       The event title and start times are separated with a ": " (colon-space).

3.       The title is missing for each event after the first

4.       The title and start/end times for the first event are mis-matched (e.g., the Booster Club Meeting start & end times on Nov
12 are actually 6:00pm - 7:00pm, not 12:00pm - 10:00pm as it indicates on the calendar)


In trying to debug, I found the place in template-functions.php that formats & displays the events in the big calendar (line 349 or
thereabouts) by searching for the " - " (space-dash-space) string that separates the event title from the start time.  But I have
not located where the same thing takes place for the not-current-months.


Does anyone have any light to shed on this little oddity?  


Thanks in advance.



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