[EventCalendar] A new look for Event Calendar.

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Thu Oct 30 21:28:46 UTC 2008

Matt Herrebout wrote:
> If it gives back in some way to you and everyone who's worked on EC,
> Yes, I'll do one.
> Give me a few days.

Wow! It's so amazing to get such an immediate response. But don't do it for
me. Do it because you want to.

Shelly Cole wrote:
>>>Any takers?<<
> you betcha!  (hehe - couldn't resist Palinese there.)
> You know how long I've wanted to do this?  But I always stop myself
> because I always say "yeah, but on the upgrade, it'll all go away."

No way. I'm super-committed to backwards compatibility.

> if you plan to integrate it permanently, I'm all over this one.

If we get a few good ones, then it might be worth putting a drop-down menu in
the widget control panel - so users could choose which look they prefer.

Rick Boatright wrote:
> Shelly,  please pay attention to the classes for the bigcalendar too then
> pretty pretty please...
> 'cause we're going to have bigcalendar in 3.2 if I have to

We shouldn't forget the the big calendar, but it's a different challenge.
There's a lot more space to play with, but lots more information to present.

When I designed the current sidebar calendar, I struggled for a long time
before I came up with the big popup. It's big enough to convey a lot of
information, but it doesn't obscure the calendar, so you can see the context.

You can't just take that kind of specific design and apply it to a design that
fills a whole page - big calendar needs it's *own* design.


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