[EventCalendar] Big calendar, multiple events, next month problem

Dan Williams danwill at berkeley.edu
Fri Oct 31 15:38:19 UTC 2008

OK, Rick, I think I'm good to go.  I confirmed that both the ec3.js and eventcalendar.php were the new versions you pointed me to
yesterday.  I can see events on previous and future months, and they are paired correctly with their start/end times.  Thanks so
much for the quick attention to my request.


And fyi, I changed eventcalendar.php (line 362) to format the next & previous month events on the big calendar like the current
month, i.e., the event-link followed by the space-dash-space, and then the start/end times.  To do this, I removed the <div
class="ec3_bc_time"> around the $val->title, and inserted the space-dash-space.


Thanks again for your help.




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November is not blank for me.  Nor is December.  But you're still _not_ getting right output, 


specifically, you're getting the first event listed _twice_ after doing a nav to any month other than current. 


The return from the xml is now right, but your OUTPUT isn't. 


This makes me think that perhaps the js file didn't _actually_ get updated. 

Can you please try again?   I've made some minor changes to both.  it's working perfectly now on my sandbox installation.  


And again, I apologize for the bug. 



On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 9:35 PM, <danwill at berkeley.edu> wrote:

Thanks for your quick reply, Rick.  And we're making progress!

I replaced ec3.js and eventcalendar3.php files with the copies you link to
below.  The current month (October) on big calendar still looks fine, and
previous months (Sep, Aug) now appear to be working, but events in
November and December aren't appearing.  January and beyond look fine, so
it looks like the problem is specifically with Nov and Dec now.

Thanks again.



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